Eugene Landry

The Story of an Artist, a Time and a Tribe

Finding a Lost Collection of Art in the Pacific Northwest

When artist Judith Altruda found a lost art collection in the attic of an old building in Grayland, Washington, she knew she had to act fast. Stored for over two decades in an unheated building, many canvases were moldy and moisture damaged.

At least 70 paintings and drawings by Eugene Landry were stacked underneath dusty bed sheets. They had not seen the light of day since the mid-90s.

Altruda bought the collection and began the work of restoration. She knew about Landry’s art but knew little about the man.
What emerged was the story of a gifted artist who refused to let a disability get in his way. Inseparable from his story is that of his tribe, which faced many challenges during Gene’s lifetime.

In the Fall of 2019, Humanities Washington, in partnership with the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe, awarded a storyteller’s grant to Altruda.

In 2022, Eugene Landry’s restored art was exhibited at the Na`m`sc`ac Heritage Museum located in Tokeland, WA.

Photo of Judith Altruda discovering the artwork of Eugene Landry in an attic.

Preserving Eugene’s Legacy

The project goals are to preserve and share the art of Eugene Landry with the world outside the Shoalwater Bay reservation.

Courage, Stamina And Unbreakable Creative Spirit

We hope to inspire others by presenting a profile of Eugene Landry that reflects his courage, stamina and unbreakable creative spirit.

Your purchase of this beautiful catalog helps bring Gene’s work back to life. We are offering this informational booklet of Gene’s work and life at cost.

Cover of Portrait of Gene Book

The 52 pages are filled with interviews, photos, and art. Produced with funding from a Humanities Washington 2019 Storytellers Grant. Priced at cost.

2022 Exhibit at the Na`m`sc`ac Heritage Museum in Tokeland WAshington

Seeing Gene’s paintings brought me back to a time in my childhood when I used to hang out at his house, playing up in the attic, watching him paint, listening to music on a pair of headphones for the first time. I always thought Gene was a pretty amazing person…still holds true today.

Sabina Harris

Shoalwater Bay Tribal member, Tokeland, WA

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