Judith Altruda and Sara Nelson, 2020

This sweet lady was a huge supporter of Gene’s project. In 2020, she donated two Landry paintings to our project. Read more about it here
Yesterday, Sara’s son called to tell me she had passed away. She had recently moved from Aberdeen to Colorado, to be closer to him. He told me she’d left a list of names and phone numbers to contact after she died. I was honored to be on that list.
Sara was always encouraging me: “I’m waiting for your book about Gene to come out!” and an ardent follower of this project. Just before Sara moved away, she found a portfolio of drawings in her garage and gave them to me. I was able to locate one of the models from the portfolio, and he has filled in more of Gene’s story. (This will be its own separate post.)
R.I.P. Sara, I’m going to miss our text exchanges of wild life babies-especially possums! I promise to finish my book.